Finding A Killer

   Can Riley Rafferty find the man who brutally beat Melissa Cummins to death? Can She accomplish what the Broward Sheriff's Office couldn't? Riley knew she had to try, despite the warnings from her boss, her boyfriend, and her family. Riley would soon realize reporting on a crime was much easier than solving one. 

   The trial was over. The jury found Troy not guilty of beating his girlfriend to death. But, Riley was not satisfied. Not guilty was not the same as innocent. There was still a cloud over her friend. Then there was Melissa's parents and fiance. The sad looks on there faces convinced Riley she had to do something

   But, being the Chief Investigative reporter for Channel Nine News did not prepare Riley for what would be required. This time, she would not only get in trouble with her family, her boss, and her boyfriend, this time Riley would draw the wrath of the United States Justice Department.

   Was Riley capable of this. Could she accomplish what the Broward Sheriff's Office couldn't? Could Riley Rafferty bring a brutal killer to justice?

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