Murder One

   As assistant to the hottest Investigative Reporter in all of South Florida, Riley had seen Myra Goodly do this hundreds of times. But, was she prepared for what they were asking her to do?

   Myra had taken ill, suddenly and Riley was expected to do the live televised report on a sensational murder case. To add to her concern was the fact this was to be an exclusive. Since Riley knew both the victim and the suspected killer, she had been notified of the crime before any other reporter had the story. She also knew her current boyfriend had been assigned as Chief Investigator for the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

   Riley wasn't sure if knowing all the players would be a help or a hindrance to her reporting. It turned out to be both. Riley received praise for her exclusive reports, but she also found herself in trouble with her family and her boyfriend.

   In the end, the case is solved. The real murderer is arrested, Riley receives a promotion, and everyone is happy. Everyone but Riley. This case has cost her more than she could have realized back at the beginning. Was it worth the sacrifices she had to make? And, how much more would be required of her because of her promotion?