The Cauldwell Incident

   Being married to a Navy Seal is difficult. With training and deployments, time together is limited. but, Addi’s devotion to Scott was total. Her best friend, Sara, was also married was also married to a Seal. They helped each other cope with the long, lonely hours of separation.

   But things were different now. Sara was moving to her husband’s hometown in Georgia. Addi still had her two brothers and Scott’s two sisters. But, Scott’s family lived eight hours away. When a handsome stranger comes to town, Addi’s commitment to Scott starts to waver. Is it possible to find true love more than once in a lifetime? Addi didn’t have the answer. 

   Gino D’ Gassi also was committed to another. But the pull between him and Addi was undeniable. Fighting as hard as they could to avoid a relationship wasn’t enough. The chemistry that passed between them was powerful. Addi resisted. She kept putting up roadblocks in the way, finding reasons to be angry with Gino. Reasons to avoid him.

   A silly suggestion from Sara put Addi and Gino together in a hotel suite, for an entire weekend. Luckily Addi’s brother and sister-in-law were with them. Nothing could happen. But, something did happen. Addi could no longer fight her feelings. She was ready to give in to her emotions. That is until the scene in the banquet hall. After that afternoon, Addi was sure Gino would never speak to her again.

   Back home, Addi couldn’t get Gino out of her thoughts. Would she give in and find happiness with Gino? Or, would she find a way to get him out of her life for good?