The Last Dance

Can everyone else be wrong and I’m the only one who’s right? Am I the only one who knows the truth, that no man could remain faithful to one woman. I was also too smart to get romantically involved with anyone at work. How would I deal with him if it didn’t work out?
But, I did get involved with a good looking, smooth talking co-worker, and when I found him in a hotel room with a half-naked woman, I only proved to myself that I had been right all along. What a fool! What do I do now?

I am hopelessly in love with him and I have no chance of avoiding him. I will see him every day at the office. How am I going to deal with this? I have to find a way. I will not quit my job. I won’t give him that satisfaction.

What’s the answer? If no man can be trusted, do I spend the rest of my life alone, or continue to deal with men on a casual basis? No serious involvement. Or do I pick the best man available and live with the fact that he will cheat on me? What a life that would be. How do other women deal with it? Or, do they just close their eyes and pretend it isn’t so?

I will do this. I must do this. But, I know, the hurt will never go away.