The Mostest Man

   “Who are you, Mr. Amonti?” That was one of the questions the police detective asked Nick when he interrupted their business lunch. The detective wasn’t amused with Nick’s flippant answer. After the incident at the charity banquet, the business trip to Cauldwell, and the weekend in Atlanta, Danielle was sure of three things. Nick Amonti was The Mostest Man she had ever met: She was totally in love with him: And, she had no idea who Nick Amonti really was.

   After overhearing a conversation in the company breakroom, Danielle was determined to find out. But she had to wonder if a relationship with this man would be a fairy tale come true, or a frightful nightmare? Is Danielle prepared for the answer? Is she capable of dealing with truth? 

   Will Danielle still believe that Nick is The Mostest Man she has ever met? And is she willing to gamble with losing herself for the rest of her life to find out? As Danielle stared into the eyes of that beautiful, elegant woman on the television screen, a woman who in another time could have been her, she searched for the answer.